The Roman Baths & Pump Room, Bath

This movie (above) shows the entrances to The Roman Baths, Pump Room and Bath Abbey in the background.

Archaeological evidence shows the site of the Roman Bath's main spring was treated as a shrine by the Celts, and dedicated to the goddess Sulis. The Romans later occupied Bath shortly after their invasion of Britain in 43AD. They knew it as Aquae Sulis (the waters of Sul), identifying the goddess with Minerva. In Roman times the worship of Sulis Minerva continued and messages to her scratched onto metal have been recovered from the Sacred Spring by archaeologists.

Roman Baths

The Roman Bath complex (A Grade I Listed Building) is a site of historical interest. The complex is a very well preserved Roman site of public bathing, and is a major tourist attraction. The upper portions of the buildings date to the 18th century. Here you can still sample the spring waters in the adjoining 18th Century Pump Room.

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